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Our Children’s feeding program...

Food security is a serious problem in El Salvador. Whether it be in the capital city of San Salvador, in the countryside or in the mountain villages, there are high rates of malnutrition amongst children who are not receiving enough food. Extreme poverty means that there is a high number of children only receiving a meal every second day.

Throughout the country, parents are crippled by poverty and despair, unable to provide for their children’s needs. This leaves the children hungry, helpless and heartbroken.

Salvador's HOPE has responded to this immediate need. We are thrilled that our very much anticipated project ‘The Children’s feeding Program‘ is able to provide regular nutritious meals for children living in these dire situations.

Our Children's feeding program is now providing regular meals for over 130 children weekly, children who would otherwise go without can count on us to be able to provide for them- our work is vital!


Help us to feed a hungry child today! Your donation will make a huge difference in the life of a child