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This April we are looking for 25 new Child Sponsors to help us continue the vital mission of providing not only a safe place to live but also education and health care to some of El Salvador’s most vulnerable children. 

For just $45 per month you can make a lasting impact to a child’s life.

To sponsor a child please contact Salvador’s HOPE at  info@salvadorshope.org.au

or call 0402 918 990 



Child sponsorship is vital to our work – by becoming a child sponsor you can be sure that your contributions will go towards transforming a child’s life. Child sponsorship allows us to provide a vulnerable child with a safe and secure environment and vital education.


FAQ On our child sponsorship program

As a sponsor of the Salvador’s Hope Children’s Home Program what will I receive?

You will receive:
• A Welcome and introduction letter into child sponsorship
• Regular newsletter updates from Salvador’s Hope about the projects we are involved in, such as Child Sponsorship stories, the Children’s Homes projects and other exciting community-building projects in El Salvador
• The chance to learn more about your sponsored child by exchanging letters and photos through Salvador’s Hope
• Regular updates about the progress and development of your sponsor child

How does the child benefit from the money I am sending them?

Your sponsorship money will be used to specifically pay for the children’s education.  Not only will this give them a foundation for creating a future for themselves, but schooling in El Salvador, can provide protective social benefits such as preventing the children from joining violent gangs.

How long does the child sponsorship last for?

We view child sponsorship as a long term relationship.  Sometimes, there are a number of reasons why your sponsorship relationship may change or end.  For example:
• Your sponsor child may complete their education and begin to earn their own income
• Your sponsor child may leave the Children’s Home or be adopted and no longer need financial assistance
• Some of our sponsor children may have very serious and complicated medical conditions, very sadly and unfortunately, the children may pass away
As soon as we are made aware of any major changes in your sponsor child’s circumstance, we will communicate this to you.  If they are no longer in need of sponsorship, we will give you the opportunity to consider sponsoring another child.

How are the children chosen for child sponsorship?

Salvador’s Hope has formed a strong relationship with a Children’s Homes in El Salvador.  It cares for children who cannot currently live with their family.  In some cases this may range from abandonment to dangerous and toxic home environments.
[Foster care is still in its developmental phase in El Salvador, and does not have the resources or infrastructure available to the Australian foster care system.  In the past some of the children had been fostered, but due to unforseen or sometimes tragic circumstances, the foster relationship broke down and the children were unable to continue living with their foster family.]

We have chosen to work with this Homes as it shows a great desire to:
• Provide rescued children with their basic needs, and importantly have access to health care providers to help the rehabilitate the children psychologically and developmentally.
• Give the children the option of attending church, and run the Home units as a Christian family with prayer before meals and devotionals before bedtime.
• Develop long-term and self-sustainable projects within the Home so that they are less reliant on external donations (link to see Greenhouse Project, Chicken Coop Project and Jewellery Project)
• Prevent the institutionalisation of children (by creating small ‘Home like units’ with two live-in Home parents and putting transition strategies in place to enable the children to become autonomous adults)
• Every child in the Homes is able to be sponsored.  Our sponsorship program shows no discrimination based on age, gender, religious or health.

How are the sponsored children different to the non-sponsored children in the Homes?

There is no difference in the way Salvador’s Hope treats sponsored children versus non-sponsored children in the Home.  Your sponsorship will go towards improving the education for the children as a community in the Home so that no child is discriminated against or left behind.

Am I the only sponsor for my child?

No.  Salvador’s Hope has chosen to direct your financial assistance specifically towards your sponsor child’s education.  However, there may be other people or organisations that may be sponsoring other facets of the child’s wellbeing such as healthcare, play-time, food and housing.  We believe that sponsors do not have any ownership over a child; and similarly, no child is accountable to any sponsor.  Rather, we believe the main purpose of sponsorship is to give the children a helping hand during a time of need.

What happens if I need to cancel my sponsorship?

We hope that all sponsorships can be continued for the long-term.  However, we understand that life circumstances can change.    During these times you may like to consider supporting different Salvador’s Hope projects .  However, if none of these are suitable, you may cancel your sponsorship also.

Can I contact my child on social media or email?

No.  We do not allow staff members or sponsors direct email or social media contact with the children.  This is for a number of safety issues for the child and also for yourself:
• Unmonitored communication between an adult and a child can lead to vulnerable and dangerous situations
• Your email or social media contacts can be used by other people for exploitation such as pressuring you to send money or gifts
We also ask you NOT to upload your any photos or images of your sponsor child to the internet and especially onto social media sites.

Can I write to my sponsor child?

Yes.  If you would like to write to your sponsor child please write your child’s name on the envelope and post this envelope to $$$$$$$$$$$$$.
Please  be aware, that the Salvador’s Hope staff members will have access to the content of your mail to ensure that no inappropriate material is being sent to the children.
If the child chooses to respond, we will send it to you along with a translation of the letter.  Please be aware that this process can take several weeks.


Ideas for topics you could write about yourself include:
• Who you are, your age, what you do, where you live
• Your family members, what hobbies you like
• Some information about our country or state of residence, such as the size, the types of animals, the foods, the language, the sport
Ideas you could ask the children about:
• Their age, what grade they are in
• Hobbies they like
• Information about their country, such as the size, the types of animals, the foods, the language, the sport
Things to avoid:
• Please be sensitive when asking about their families or how they came to live in the home as many of their children’s families are broken and they come from a background where their parents may have abused or abandoned them.  Please do not ask too many questions about their background.  Broader questions such as “do you have brother and sisters?” or “Tell me about your family” are acceptable .
• Difficult words or complicated language – as the staff who work with them may not all speak English
• Rude or obscene language
• Controversial or political topics about El Salvador
• Never promise them you will visit them, adopt them or will take them to Australia for a holiday
• Please also be sensitive about oversharing about your wealth and lifestyle in Australia.
• You are welcome to send photos but please ensure you are dressed conservatively.

Can I send gifts or money to my sponsor child?

No.  Salvador’s Hope asks you not to send any gifts or money as we do not cover the costs of sending gifts and customs duties.  Also, as the children live together in a Home we do not want to create any tension or show certain children favouritism within the Home.

Can I duplicate the sponsorship card photo or photos the child sends to me?

No.  For the privacy and safety of your sponsor child, we ask that you keep the photo of the child only in your home or at your personal work space.  Please do NOT upload your child’s image or content they may write to you with their identifying information onto the internet and especially onto social media sites.

Can I adopt or visit my sponsor child?

No.  Salvador’s Hope does not organise child adoption or visitation of children.

What percentage of my money goes towards child sponsorship?

85% of your contribution goes directly towards sponsoring your child.  15% of your contribution is used for administration.  All staff members of Salvador’s Hope work on a voluntary basis and do not collect a salary.