El Salvador’s Children share their Hopes and Dreams

Salvador’s HOPE April Child Sponsorship Focus;

 El Salvador’s Children share their Hopes and Dreams 

This April we are looking for 25 new Child Sponsors to help us continue the vital mission of providing not only a safe place to live but also education and health care to some of El Salvador’s most vulnerable children. 

For just $45 per month you can make a lasting impact to a child’s life.

Please contact Salvador’s HOPE at  info@salvadorshope.org.au

or call 0402 918 990 

This coming November Salvador’s HOPE will celebrate eight years of partnership with a Children’s home in El Salvador, currently this orphanage is home to 41 beautiful children many of whom have had extremely difficult and some tragic starts in life.

However, since we began supporting this amazing home through our Salvador’s HOPE Child Sponsorship program we have watched children’s lives transformed, over the last eight years we have seen countless children blossom and flourish within this supportive environment and have watched them take hold of all the opportunities they have been given.

In all my trips, back to El Salvador I don’t think I have been so personally impacted by the tenacity and strength of children as much as I was on my last visit to El Salvador last month, when I sat down and talked with four amazing kids about their future hopes and dreams.


Morelia- an exceptional young lady taking hold of her opportunities for education.

My name is Morelia, I am 19 years old and I live in one of the transition houses here at the Home.
My twin sister and I arrived here four years ago, we were sixteen. When we were nine years old our Mum abandoned us and our siblings she left us with our Dad and we suffered a lot during those years. We lived in such poverty that we hardly ever had any money for food, my sister and I had to resort to begging our neighbours for food or money, on occasion we got odd jobs washing people’s clothes in exchange for food.

One day we went out begging on the streets as we had nothing to eat and that was the day the police found us and picked us up, we were fifteen. We were placed with the child protection services and were taken into their care. Somehow within a few days our Mum found out what had happened and she came for us. We were really happy to see her and go with her but after a few months our Mum made it known that she didn’t want us living with her anymore. We felt rejected again and we went to some of our relatives for help but no one could really help us and so Child Protection services took us again.

We were told we could come to live here and we agreed, that first day we were really nervous but we quickly realised that we were surrounded by really beautiful people who wanted to help us and now we feel so blessed to be here.

When I arrived, they realised that even though I was 16 I was only up to grade three year level of school. The staff here helped me with tutoring and I worked really hard, so much so that in one year I had skipped grade 3, 4 and 5 and the following year I was given the opportunity to take part in a program here at the home called ‘Change your life’. During that year I skipped another 3 grades and last year was amazing as people congratulated for managing to go from grade three at 16 to graduating year twelve at 19!

I have so many dreams now; I love speaking in English and I would love to be an accountant.
But apart from a career my biggest dream is to help my family. I know they are not in a good place and sometimes I have moments of despair as I remember everything that my siblings and I have been through but it’s in those moments that I try to remember my family and that gives me enough to fuel me to keep going. It is my biggest dream to help my family.

Partner with us today to help more children like Morelia. Child Sponsorship works and we believe it is a vital part of changing the future of El Salvador. To Sponsor a child from El Salvador please contact Salvador’s HOPE at  info@salvadorshope.org.au

or call 0402 918 990 

El Salvador’s Children share their Hopes and Dreams

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