Impacting Children’s lives in Guazapa

“To this day, we don’t know what happened to their mother…”

When we first visited the town of Guazapa, a town just outside of San Salvador, we were struck by the large number of households here made up of grandparents, aunties and even older siblings who have stepped in to look after young children.

In this town the number of children living without their parents is high. Many social issues have contributed to this situation; some have parents who are serving time in prison due to gang related activities, while other children’s parents have been killed. Every one of these situations has a significant negative impact on the child. Yet some of the most impactful and heartbreaking stories are those of children who have been left behind after having one of their parents disappear. In El Salvador disappearances are unfortunately not an un common occurrence.

Alisson and Diego are two beautiful children who are walking this heartbreaking journey after they were left on their own when their single mother who worked very hard to provide for them, one day disappeared on her way to work. She was never found, and no one can tell them what happened to her.

Both children now live with their grandparents, aunt and uncle and through our Hope for Guazapa Children’s Feeding Program we are blessed to be able to provide not only provide nutritious meals for them but to also provide emotional support and HOPE for their future.

Their elderly grandparents tell us “To this day we don’t know what happened to their mother but we feel blessed that the children can attend the feeding program. It is a great blessing for all of us as it helps alleviate some of the burden and most importantly, we see the children adapting better. They are learning to play and socialise with other children”.
Alisson’s and Diego’s grandparents ensure that the children don’t miss one feeding program or any special children’s church event.

Our Hope for Guazapa children’s feeding program goes beyond providing children with meals. Our program provides children with a place to play and enjoy being kids.

With the church partnership in the local area we are also able to provide emotional support and welfare to the families living in desperate need.

There are many more children just like Alisson and Diego living in Guazapa waiting for support and you can be a part of changing a child’s life by making a donation to the work of Salvador’s HOPE today!


Impacting Children’s lives in Guazapa

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