March 2020 Project Update

We hope that this update finds you and your family well! We value your continued support of Salvador’s HOPE. COVID-19 has had unprecedented and devastating effects around the world, your support of our work in El Salvador is now more important than ever.

El Salvador has now commenced a 30 day total lockdown in a bid to curve the impact of the COVID-19 virus on the country. We welcome this preventative move by the Salvadorean government as their health care system continues to be one of the worst in the world. An epidemic like this would render widespread disastrous effects on the population.

This preventative measure has meant that our children’s feeding program leaders are being creative in ways to continue to care for the kids in our program during this time of nationwide restrictions. We are praying that this situation does not last longer than it needs to, as it potentially leaves a number of children who depend on our program vulnerable. We look forward to being able to function at full capacity very soon!


At the Children’s home, every day our valued staff and carers continue to provide safety and security for the kids. We are incredibly impressed and take our hat off to the team during these difficult times. They have been shopping for necessities and were able to buy enough supplies for three weeks for the entire home! That’s for over 40 people! But like many of us here in Australia the toilet paper hunt continues.

The kids are being home schooled and the incredible staff are keeping them busy with some activities which they are still able to run within the property.

We realise that these are trying times for everyone and we would appreciate your prayers for all the kids, staff and volunteers at our projects. We are all facing a new and stretching period!

We are trusting and believing that in this time, we will continue to be able to respond effectively to the needs of so many who rely on us. Here in Melbourne our team is still running at full steam, as we continue to work hard behind the scenes to creatively plan the help and support our Salvadorean partners need.

Thank you for your continued and valued support!

Salvador’s HOPE

March 2020 Project Update

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