Life in El Salvador

Give a child hope for a new beginning through child sponsorship.

Meet Juan*, he is 12 years old.

His mother died when he was a toddler. His father abandoned him and left him in the care of his step-mother. Tragically his step-mother and her partner would beat him everyday. Thankfully the police found him and rescued him from their house. When he was brought to the hospital, the doctors found multiple wounds and scars on his head. He was then taken into care at the Children’s Home when he was 7 years old.

In the safety of the Home, he has grown rapidly with the correct nurturing and dietary intake. He loves to make the most of the soccer field in the Home. He is known to be a very affectionate and friendly boy. Initially when Juan started school, he found it very difficult to concentrate and keep up with the other students. However, he has made a lot of progress and his teachers are happy with his improvement. He would like to train to become a mechanic once he finishes his schooling.

Why should you sponsor a child in El Salvador?
Each and every child in the Home has a story that echoes Juan’s plight. Their stories give voice to the deep and grave problems within their country. El Salvador’s history of civil war, poverty, natural disasters and violence have resulted in the country’s extreme social problems. Sadly, the children of this country are paying the ultimate price. According to UNICEF, El Salvador currently has the highest rate of child murders in the world. Approximately more than two children are murdered every day in El Salvador. Many of these murders are gang related and particularly affect boys from 15-18 years old.

Hearing these statistics can be truly overwhelming. Trying to hold back this level of devastation seems as impossible as holding back a wave as it comes in to shore. But we ask you not to underestimate how much difference you can make in one child’s life.

Who do we work with in El Salvador?

Salvador’s Hope has formed strong relationships with two Children’s Homes in El Salvador interested in helping these children grow into whole and independent adults. The Homes look after vulnerable children who cannot currently live with their family. One of the Children’s Homes specialises in the care of children affected by HIV/AIDS and young mothers who were victems of sexual abuse.

We have chosen to work with these Homes as they both show a great desire to:

-Provide rescued children with their basic needs and importantly arrange professional help to rehabilitate them psychologically, developmentally and spiritually.

-Develop long-term and self-sustainable projects within the Home so that they are less reliant on external donations (see Greenhouse Project, Chicken Coop Project and Jewellery Project)

-Prevent the institutionalisation of children (by creating small ‘Home like units’ with two live in Home parents and putting transition strategies in place for the children to become autonomous adults)


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