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Our work with children’s orphanages…

Our work with local orphanages in El Salvador is vital. Salvador’s HOPE partners with key organisations in El Salvador to rescue and provide a home for some of the most vulnerable, abused, neglected and abandoned children.

La Paz

Salvador’s Hope strongly believes that by investing into orphanages through development projects is a vital key in empowering the Children’s homes in becoming self-sufficient. Development projects such as greenhouses and chicken coups allow the homes to grow their own vegetables, raise chickens and run egg farms. Not only do these projects make a long lasting positive impact on the homes they also provide valuable skills training.

Child Sponsorship…

We invest in the lives of children with the vision of seeing transformation take place. We know that by meeting their most basic needs and providing a stable, secure loving home environment, we are positively impacting their lives and raising up future mature leaders who in turn will change the nation.

You can too can have a big part in changing a child’s life!

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