HOPE is just the beginning…

A few weeks ago the US announced that it would be eliminating the ‘Temporary Protection Status’ for around 200,000 Salvadoreans currently living in the US. This means that for those with a TPS who had left El Salvador, the majority having left primarily due to the poverty and escalating violence, unless they manage to obtain a Green card (which is incredibly difficult) by September 9th, 2019 will be deported.

It is that type of news and knowing the repercussions for many good people and for El Salvador that you can despair a little – it seems that El Salvador’s people just can’t seem to catch a break.

Over the last eight years that Salvador’s HOPE has invested in bringing a positive change to the women and children of El Salvador, we have had many people tell us that there is no hope for El Salvador and on many occasions, we have been told that we are better off investing our time and energy elsewhere.

Sometimes people will send us news articles with the majority of people doing so to engage with us and to keep us informed, but there are also a few, who in their own way do it with the intention of trying to bring us ‘back to reality’.

Regardless of the intention we always meet them with a warm response. See we understand the difficulty for people who have lived through some pretty hard stuff in El Salvador, people who have seen the decades of despair, poverty, the day to day difficulties, the violence and murder to believe that good change can actually happen in our lifetime.

However we wish that everyone could see the amazing CHANGE AND TRANSFORMATION that we have already seen in many children’s and women’s lives over the past eight years since we have worked in El Salvador!

We wish that everyone had the opportunity to see and experience for themselves the GOOD (a total understatement!) that is happening and that is being accomplished through the generosity of so many wonderful people from all over the globe. We take our hat off to so many different churches and organisations in El Salvador and from many different countries who have not turned their back on the situation.

We wish you could all personally see it because once you have seen and experienced it, then there is no other way to respond than in audacious faith to believe that we WILL continue to see a significant move and transformation in El Salvador.

Over the next coming weeks we will be sharing with you more of Salvador’s HOPE’s plans for this year as we lock down some details and project focus for 2018!

Will you join us?! Will you partner with us and believe with us? Because we believe as strongly as we did on day one that HOPE is just the beginning… and that we have seen nothing yet!

May this year 2018 be our best year!




HOPE is just the beginning…

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