Our Vision

Hope is just the beginning…

Salvador’s HOPE has a vision to see people set free from the injustices of poverty. In El Salvador, Salvador’s HOPE works with local communities to positively influence, impact and empower people through the establishment of programs that promote development and self- sustainability.


By working with local NGO’s in El Salvador we fight for the rights and safety of children. Our work leads us to work with children who have been orphaned, abandoned, living in extreme poverty, victims of sexual and physical abuse, slavery, child prostitution and human trafficking.

Through our partnerships, we are able to provide children with their basic needs; food, shelter, education, health care and clothing in a safe nurturing environment where they will experience safety, love and respect.


In El Salvador our work with women focuses on empowerment. For many years El Salvador has ranked as one of the most dangerous countries in the world. Much of the violence impacting the country is directed towards women. Tragically femicide and domestic violence plagues this beautiful lush Central American country.

Through local partnerships working at grass roots level, we aim to empower women to combat the issues and factors that perpetuate domestic and gender based violence.

Salvador’s HOPE believes that we can change individuals lives, families and in turn communities by empowering women.

We believe that through our work we can bring about positive social change.

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