The Struggle for Women

The plight of the Salvadorean woman….

Femicide is a relatively new term used to describe a crime involving the violent and deliberate killing of a woman – because of her gender. Sadly in the last few years El Salvador has continued to creep up to rank in the top five countries with the highest rates of Femicide in the world and in the last year El Salvador had the highest rate of women murdered in the world.

The problem remains complex as many social factors contribute to the gender based violence and femicide.

Cultural views and social problems in El Salvador continue to fuel violence against women that has reached epidemic proportions. Domestic violence, spousal abuse and a culture of Machismo continues to under value the role of the woman in society resulting in gender based crimes and killings.

We encourage you to to help us make a difference… by donating you will be investing in women’s lives, their children’s lives and bringing about lasting change.

We are thrilled to partner with a local organisation in El Salvador who shares the same heart and dream to see the tide turn for the Salvadorean woman.

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