Women’s Empowerment

Empowering women for a better future

El Salvador continues to have the most staggering number of reported cases of violence, sexual assault and murder of women in the world.

Many social and economic issues perpetuate the patterns of violence against women. Gender based violence and femicide (the killing of a woman because of her gender) has become all too familiar in this Central American country.

Salvador’s HOPE wants to be part of the solution. We believe that we can see real change take place by taking the opportunity to outwork the vision for women in El Salvador through the Women’s Empowerment focus. Through skills training, social and educational support, marginalized and vulnerable women are empowered and are then better equipped to seek social services, earn an income and in turn are better able to provide an education, food and health care for their children.

We are thrilled to partner with a local organisations in El Salvador who share the same heart and dream to see the tide turn for the Salvadorean woman.

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