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Our new initiative Women of Hope


Salvador’s HOPE has launched a brand new initiative Women of Hope to help empower communities through local partnerships with churches, missionary organisations and NGO’s to combat the increasing numbers of adolescent girls targeted by sexual violence, kidnappings, disappearances and domestic abuse in El Salvador.

This year we are delivering our first violence prevention program Girls of Hope! with a focus on empowering adolescents girls aged 11- 13 years old through Education, and nurture. Girls of Hope! Has been created especially for adolescent girls living in high at-risk communities.

We aim to provide nurture and support through, resources, care and counselling in order to Empower and Educate on Emotional and physical abuse , Domestic violence, and Personal safety and regard. 

Our vision is to impart




Women of Hope

Our Heart and Vision

"We believe that every woman and girl has a right to live free from violence. Our vision is to create a space for girls where they can dream and become all that they can be"

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Our programs

Emergency food appeal

COVID-19 lockdown laws have impacted the livelihoods of up to 60.8% of the population, meaning they have no way of earning an income impacting their ability to provide food for their families.

Children's feeding program

Extreme poverty in El Salvador means that a high number of children only receiving a meal every second day. Our programs aim to provide full nutritious meals to children living in poverty.


Salvador’s HOPE wants to be part of the solution. We believe that we can see real change take place by taking the opportunity to outwork our vision for women in El Salvador.

Women of Hope

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