Helping Children access school online

Hope is just the beginning…

Salvador’s HOPE has a vision to see people set free from the injustices of poverty.
In El Salvador, Salvador’s HOPE works with local communities to positively
influence, impact and empower people through the establishment of programs
that promote development and self- sustainability.


Exodo Children's Home

The Exodo Children’s Home is a sanctuary for vulnerable children in need. Giving a home to those who need it the most providing a safe and nurturing environment as well as providing education and housing.

Children's Feeding Program

Extreme poverty in El Salvador means that a high number of children only receiving a meal every second day. Our programs aim to provide full nutritious meals to children living in poverty.

Women's Empowerment

Through skills training, social and educational support, marginalized and vulnerable women are empowered and equipped to seek social services, earn an income and in turn are better able to provide an education, food and health care for their children.


We need you and your help

COVID-19 lockdown laws have impacted the livelihoods of up to 60.8% of the population, meaning they have no way of earning an income impacting their ability to provide food for their families.

As a result many of the poor and vulnerable in El Salvador are rapidly facing starvation.

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